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These 10 Chilling AJL Performances Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Pictures: Youtube TV3MALAYSIA Official, PNGEgg

Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) will never disappoint you with its world-class performances. If overseas have the GRAMMYs, AJL is a similar comparison. It gathers all talented Malaysian singers on a stage where they can show their utmost creativity and skills. Perhaps, that’s why people are expectant of the award ceremony every year.

From the funky dresses and majestic stages, AJL promises performances that take you on a rollercoaster ride full of fun and thrill.

Since the 37th AJL ended last night with a new champion added to the long list, Aina Abdul, we would like to commemorate the Juara Lagu hype with our 10 best AJL performances.

Heads up, this is purely subjective and not in chronological order. Everyone has a list of their own. And this is ours!

These performances give us the chills!

1) Search – Isabella

Isabella is one of the most popular songs by the legendary rock band Search. It was a definite earworm to many during that time. People couldn’t stop singing this song in karaoke or even in the toilet. That’s the Isabella craze everyone was hyping about. Not only that, but this song was the champion of the 4th AJL in 1990!

2) Zaiton Sameon – Menaruh Harapan

Although we weren’t born yet when this gem was released, we could say it’s one of the best performances to date! With Zaiton’s clean and clear vocals, it was enough to crown her the winner for the second AJL!

She dressed in red from head to toe. Zaiton was indeed graceful and elegant that night! The factor that made us think it was a great performance was her effortlessness in delivering the song. She’s the diva that shines the brightest!

3) Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza – Jerat Percintaan

This song marked Datuk Siti’s first win in AJL 11. Since then, she has been snatching the first place like it’s nothing!

She was so young at that time. You could see the purity in her eyes. Additionally, her voice zaps right through our hearts. It was enough to make us feel the chills.

4) Ramlah Ram – Kau Kunci Cintaku Di Dalam Hatimu

The versatile singer Ramlah Ram never disappoints. What she did on stage in AJL 3 was phenomenal. Her dress was the talk of the town! Look at it!


Picture: Youtube TV3MALAYSIA Official

There’s a big heart in the middle of her beautiful and sparkly white dress. It bedazzled when the spotlight shone on her. Aside from winning the show with heavenly vocals, she captured hearts with the unique dress!

5) Jaclyn Victor – Gemilang

The list won’t be complete without this super-talented vocalist, Jaclyn Victor. She brought everything to life with her vocals, and we couldn’t have enough! Once she opened her mouth, we knew this was winner material.

Interestingly, Jaclyn is one of the singers who didn’t have to use the mic to sing. The mic needs her instead!

6) Hafiz Suip – Awan Nano

The Akademi Fantasia champion, Hafiz, was ahead of his time with his fantastic voice. We didn’t doubt his ability to win the 26th AJL.

However, what made his performance memorable was the short clip at the beginning. It was the birth of the famous line, “Hafiz!”

With only a blue t-shirt and pants, he changed the directory of ‘best performance’ in our book!

7) Mojo and Caliph Buskers – Romancinta

It was a moment of recognition for Malaysia’s beloved busker Caliph Buskers. Azmi replaced Mojo’s lead singer, Aweera, in the 29th AJL.

We remembered everyone was surprised to see this powerhouse singer belting the high notes of Romancinta, and we thought, who is he? It was worth it because they won first place that night!

8) Faizal Tahir – Hanyut

The ‘Superman’ Faizal Tahir was popular with his gimmicks and stunts on the AJL stage. And this one takes the cake.

There was a big tub of water in the middle of the stage. Looking at it made us nervous, honestly. We knew what he wanted to do, but we didn’t expect him to do it for real.

Mid-performance, Faizal jumped into the water! Everyone’s jaw was on the floor!

Afterwards, he resumed singing like it was nothing!

Even though Hanyut didn’t win the 25th AJL, we still applaud Faizal for his effort!

9) Akim & The Majistret – Potret

The song itself was beautiful. It became the nation’s hit and stayed on radio charts for months. Knowing Akim, he would bring something different to the table.

But his performance in the 30th AJL was a bit simple. That took us off-guard for real. He was there to show his piercing vocals, and we were here for it!

10) Meet Uncle Hussain – Lagu Untukmu

We’re ending the list with a song that hyped us. It’s a song that was so popular in 2008 that you could hear it everywhere you go!

Azlan killed the performance with his voice! It’s higher than the KLCC! We were blown away by his vocals alone!

So, these are some of the most memorable AJL performances for us. What’s yours?

Source: Youtube TV3MALAYSIA Official, Youtube Abdul Hafiz Albar, Youtube na mi

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