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This ‘Unlikely’ Friendship Is A Pixar Movie Coming To Life

Pictures: Twitter worldofdog, Pinterest

Friends. Friendship. Connection. Everyone needs a few people in life that they can trust. It can get lonely if you have no one to share happiness and sadness with. Friends are like your twin sister or brother. You’ll fight with them sometimes. But the tension breaks when one gives in. Then, both act as if nothing happened. Are you like this with your friend too?

Have you ever heard of this quote? “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are there.” It’s a beautiful quote describing how good friends always have your back. Although you’re physically apart from them, memories are the connectors.

TMI, but we have a good friend. We’ve known them since we were seven. Now we’re in our 20s, crafting our future and figuring things out. We are hundreds of kilometres apart. But they’ll always be close to our hearts.

‘Friends’ in many Pixar movies

Well, enough with our little tale. Speaking about friendship, it’s very diverse. Every friendship has its charm and uniqueness. Thus, if we compile all those stories of friendship from people worldwide, it can be a new Disney or Pixar movie.

We have to say: Pixar and Disney make some of the best movies. Aside from the context of love, we enjoy the portrayal of friendship in every film we’ve watched. Like Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc. and others, their friendships are so sweet and heartwarming.

When Woody and Buzz take turns to help each other during the chase…


Picture: Youtube ABC TV

…or Sullivan and Mike’s love-hate friendship once Boo comes into the picture— they change the worldview of a ‘friend’ for us.


Picture: Polygon

We thought only in the cartoon world does the impossible is possible. However, it’s no longer in our imaginations. Pixar-esque friendship can happen in reality too!

A beautiful friendship between a dog and a crow

There’s a dog and a crow that is certified besties. Despite being from different species, nothing can stop their friendship from thriving.

Look at them playing together. Isn’t this one of those scenes in the movie?


Picture: Twitter theworldofdog

What we can say from this video is: everyone is different and unique in their own way. Therefore, that’s the reason why a friendship can be so interesting. You can embrace each other’s differences. As people say, opposite poles will attract! Like this dog and crow, they sure know how to have fun!

We wonder if Pixar will make a movie out of their cute friendship.

Sources: Twitter worldofdog, Youtube ABC TV

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