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“Malaysia Boleh!” Michelle Yeoh Immediately Calls Her Mother To Celebrate The Oscar Win


It’s another glorious moment for every Malaysian as Michelle Yeoh won Best Actress at the 95th Academy Awards (Oscar)! Michelle really embodies the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit wherever she goes!

We’ve been rooting for Michelle’s success since the nominees for Oscar were nominated months ago. Before bagging the Best Actress category early this morning, Michelle took home numerous awards for her outstanding performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once, a sci-fi and heartwrenching movie that became a phenomenon last year. Many predicted Michelle would win this award, and she did!


Picture: Twitter Pop Base

The ceremony was celebrated by many amazing stars with win-worthy movies in the nominations. However, Michelle made history as the first Asian to win the award and the second person of color after Halle Berry!

Michelle Yeoh shares her Oscar win with her family in Malaysia

Never forgetting her roots, Michelle immediately went on the phone with her family after receiving the award.

Excitedly, she posed with the trophy and blew flying kisses to her mother and family members.

Not only that, but Michelle’s mother shouted, “Malaysia Boleh!” to the actress, and what a wholesome moment that was!

Many Malaysians gathered in a special viewing ceremony in KL to celebrate the legendary actress’s win. Once Michelle was announced as the winner, the crowd cheered victoriously!

Additionally, many congratulated the versatile actress for the win on social media!


Picture: Twitter Melissa Goh

Congratulations to Michelle Yeoh. Here’s to more spectacular achievements in the future!

Source: Twitter Melissa Goh

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