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This Family Is Using ‘Mathematics Language’ To Communicate!

Picture: @izhammokhdar

It takes time to love mathematics. It does not just play with numbers, but we also have to deal with x, y, z, f(x), ∫, and a lot more. Big praise to those who continue their studies with mathematics and working in the scope now.

Usually, when we ask school kids what subject they dislike the most, most of them will answer ‘Mathematics.’ No worries. We get you.

Why are we discussing the subject? Well, we stumbled on a video where a family communicates with each other using ‘Mathematics language.’


Replying to @tomato_tomato29 Ini ikhtiar halus untuk saya bina minda Matematik pada semua anak2 saya. Daripada main gajet, baik main bahasa Matematik. kan? 😊 #kaedahmokhdar #terapiminda #mindamatematik #mindamega

♬ Happy Ajalah (Santai) (feat. Gafar) – DJ Qhelfin

They use using numbers, the power of, and more to describe the things they want to tell each other. It is like a secret code that only they can understand.

From what we remember, the secret code or language that we used to apply was the ‘F language.’ You know if you know.

But… this family is one in a million. Even the kid knows how to use numbers and all the mathematical symbols to communicate.

It is said that the language they are talking in is called ‘Kaedah Mokhdar,’ or Mokhdar Method. By applying the method in our daily routine, we can strengthen our memory and improve our problem-solving with mathematical problems.

People who watch the video cannot catch how the method works:


Picture: @izhammokhdar

We do not have any idea too!

Do you know how to communicate using the Mokhdar Method?

Source: @izhammokhdar (TikTok), zuriman.TRIPOD

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