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‘Mamak’ Receives Birthday Suprise From Customers Before Leaving Malaysia

Picture: @nasikerabu77

Many Malaysians love going to ‘mamak‘ restaurants to eat. What customers like about restaurants is not only the food but also the friendliness of the workers there. The workers, whom Malaysians usually call ‘mamak,’ are always ready to serve you.

Sometimes, the workers already know what we want to order, especially those who are regulars. Not only that, but they also try very hard to prepare your orders with meticulous care. Being a worker in a ‘mamak’ restaurant is never an easy thing. Needless to say, they still serve us with a smile, despite how tired they are serving hundreds of customers a day.

In a video shared by @nasikerabu77 on TikTok, her family prepares their favorite ‘mamak,’ whose name is Sankar, with a surprise! Let’s take a look at the video below:


Pardon my sister’s aggresive clapping while recording but our fav waiter at our fav mamak is going back to his hometown soon 🥹 happy belated bday sankar 🫶🏼

♬ Married Life (From “Up”) – Sergy el Som

In the video, a woman takes out a cake from a box, and the other family begins to sing Sankar a birthday song. It is Sankar’s 29th birthday, as written on the pink-white cake.

Even though their favorite ‘mamak’ is wearing a face mask, we can still see that he has a big smile on his face. Right after the birthday song ends, Sankar hugs the man of the family as a sign of gratefulness.

According to the caption for the video, Sankar is leaving Malaysia soon, and he will be going back to his hometown. Hence, this celebration is for his birthday and his leaving.

It is always heartwarming to see people making others happy. Even though it is a small celebration, I am sure Sankar will cherish it forever.

Other people who also watch the video cannot help but cry seeing the relationship between the customers and the ‘mamak’.


Picture: @nasikerabu77

It does not take much to be a kind person. Make people happy!

Source: @nasikerabu77 (TikTok)

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