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Celestial Encounter With Happy Dragons 2024 Cast At B★VERSE Exhibition

Happy Dragons 2024

In a spectacular rendezvous of fantasy and reality, the cast of “Happy Dragons 2024” graced the ‘B★VERSE’ (BTS, Singing the Stars) Exhibition recently, casting a spell of magic that left fans enchanted. The stars, including Jack Lim 林德荣, Jonathan 李浩菖, Juztin 刘界辉, Kryston 温杨, Sandra Lim 林雪卉, Yoke Chen 曾洁鈺, Miko 黄洁琪, and Meeki 美錡, brought their charisma to the immersive world of  ‘B★VERSE’ Exhibition, creating moments that will linger in the hearts of attendees.

The cast embarked on a captivating journey through the eight exclusive sessions of the ‘B★VERSE’ (BTS, Singing the Stars) Exhibition, where they fully immersed themselves in the diverse worlds of the exhibition, which included the Orbital Tunnel, BTS Universe, ARMY Way, Immersive Projection Mapping, and more. The cast’s exploration, echoing the thematic richness of each room, added an extra layer of magic, transcending the ordinary and creating an unforgettable experience for all who were fortunate enough to witness this celestial journey at the ‘B★VERSE’ (BTS, Singing the Stars) Exhibition.

Happy Dragons 2024

To those who have yet to experience the ‘B★VERSE’ (BTS, Singing the Stars) Exhibition themselves, there is a limited-time-only promotion where participants can experience the VR Room and the Immersive Projection Mapping FOR ONLY RM39. Don’t wait any longer, bring your friends and family to experience the  ‘B★VERSE’ (BTS, Singing the Stars) Exhibition at Pavilion, Bukit Jalil. 

Happy Dragons 2024For more information or updates on the ‘B★VERSE’ (BTS, Singing the Stars) Exhibition please visit:

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