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Get Ready To Play Lóng Lóng With GL Play This Chinese New Year!

GL Play
Liong Ve Lyn, Senior General Manager of Leisure & Hospitality, Gamuda Land, the Chinese Orchestra, the Lion & Dragon Dance troupe, the Splash Squad, and the Dreamer Squad after a thrilling performance to kick off the GL Play Lóng Lóng campaign.

Illuminate your path into this Chinese New Year with a whole month of joyous festivities at GL Play – Gamuda Land’s ultimate leisure hub! From 6th February to 10th March 2024, prepare to “Play Lóng Lóng” and accumulate good fortune with deals at GL Play’s many locations around Selangor! There will also be exciting, themed events at SplashMania Waterpark and FunPark, where families, friends and communities can come together and experience Chinese New Year like never before.

Ring in the “Lóng” Prosperity with Exclusive Discounts

This Chinese New Year, GL Play invites you to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in style with their “Play Lóng Lóng”  extravaganza! Buckle up at SplashMania Waterpark, the king of aquatic thrills, which has roared onto the scene with two fiery new pay-per-rides. 

Ring in the prosperity of the new year with the heart of a dragon as you unleash your adrenaline on these awe-inspiring new rides. Feel the rush on the ultimate zipline on Zoomi’s Runway that zips you down from the Amazonia Ship right down to Omba’ King Cove, while you capture the breathtaking skyline views of SplashMania. But that’s not all! Test your bravery with a free fall from the highest point of the Waterpark at Sky Leap, before you take a ‘Lóng Lóng’ jump. These two additions are individually priced at RM45 but with the “Play Lóng Lóng” promo, they are now bundled with Surf Mania, offering a prosperous package of RM30 (per ride), RM50 (two rides) and RM60 (all three rides) for unlimited rides!

As a SplashMania ticket holder, your day of fun extends beyond the waterpark with exclusive discounts of up to 50% on other attractions within Gamuda Cove! Choose from the “Adventure Pack,” offering four thrilling activities at Discovery Park, or opt for the “Nature Pack,” which includes a Safari Insta-Tour Ride and Boat Cruise at Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands, along with an extensive tour of the Wetlands Arboretum Centre. Immerse yourself in a wholesome weekend escape into nature with these fascinating packages, which are valid for two months upon purchase of tickets.

Roarin’ Activities at SplashMania and FunPark

Apart from all that, an array of daily performances is set to fascinate audiences of all ages, bringing this celebration to life. Traditional spectacles, including Lion and Dragon Dances, Chinese Orchestra performances, and the crowd-favourite Splash Squad will don vivid Chinese New Year outfits for special meet-and-greet sessions throughout the day, creating unique festive memories for everyone.

Set an energetic tone for your visit as the Dancing Dreamers captivate the stage, while the Soaring Dragons take flight through mesmerising performances, unleash your inner warrior with the “Kung Fu Mania!” show!

GL Play

The Kung Fun Mania performed by the Dreamer Squad incorporates Chinese traditional Kung Fu movements into their dance performance as they kick their way in the New Year one punch at a time.

Where excitement knows no bounds, engage in captivating activities, such as the enigmatic “Giant Lo Sang” and a dragon-infused rendition of the classic game “Dragon and Ladders”. Where exclusive merchandise awaits, join us for an unforgettable experience filled with joy, surprises, and the auspiciousness of the season.

Indulge in our delectable Chinese New Year-themed Meals, specially crafted for the occasion and offered at an attractive price, making your celebration unforgettable yet budget-friendly. What’s more? Starting 25th February, enjoy mini activities inspired by the 2024 Olympics, including a mini golf tournament and a parent-kid football, ensuring continuous fun!

“As the auspicious Year of the Dragon roars in, we at Gamuda Land invite you to ‘Play Lóng Lóng’ not just on SplashMania’s whirling rides at Gamuda Cove, but also at Gamuda Luge Gardens’ FunPark where we’ve prepared lots of performances for your children’s school holidays! We aspire to provide thrilling combo packages across our many townships, where everyone can embrace a sense of adventure in the new year. After all, GL Play is not just a hub of leisure and hospitality; we’re a living canvas of Malaysian culture,” said Liong Ve Lyn, Senior General Manager (Leisure & Hospitality) of Gamuda Land. 

GL Play

Liong Ve Lyn, Senior General Manager of Leisure & Hospitality, Gamuda Land delivers her welcoming address at the GL Play Lóng Lóng launch on 6 February 2024.

And that’s not all! GL Clix, SplashMania’s ever-ready paparazzi team, will roam around the park, ensuring they capture each treasured & Lóng Lóng moment of guests at the waterpark. As always, guests are entitled to free downloads of their digital photos by GL Clix via the GL Play mobile application. However, as part of the GL Play  Lóng Lóng series, GL Clix will also be offering a unique CNY combo during this festive season to entice guests to bring home a keepsake of their moments at SplashMania. Priced at only RM180, guests can get printed photographs in special CNY-themed frames and magnets to take home.

Across town, at FunPark in Gamuda Luge Gardens, the Lunar New Year roars to life!  See lions and dragons roaring their way through the vibrant rides in their traditional dance moves. From 6th to 25th February, immerse yourself in the festive spirit with Chinese Orchestra performances, accompanied by enchanting melodies adding a joyous touch to the Park. Don’t miss our special highlight, the enthralling Dragon Fairies Dance, a spectacle to behold during this joyous season. Join us for a memorable experience filled with cultural richness and entertainment.

A mesmerising performance by the Chinese Orchestra at the launch of SplashMania’s Chinese New Year campaign.

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year, mark your calendars and Play Lóng Lóng with GL Play from 6th February to 10th March, where dragons leap, while bringing blessings galore. For more information and ticket bookings, visit our website at

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