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(Video) Free Energy Light Bulbs Using Potato

The potato battery experiment provides an excellent way for kids (and adults) to learn more about science. Now that you’ve made a potato battery, you know more about how a circuit and electricity works.

Interestingly, potatoes also act like a battery that can turn on the light. Professor Haim Rabinowitch of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has found a way to convert boiled potatoes to batteries.

A study by a group of professors showed that boiled potatoes for 8 minutes produced enough energy to light a bulb for 40 days. In fact, the cost of potatoes is 6 times cheaper than kerosene oil and 50 times cheaper than 1.5 standard AA batteries.

The materials used to make potatoes as batteries are 2 pieces of iron rod, copper sheet, zinc sheet, and wired clip.

There are a few variations you can try with this experiment. All of them are appropriate for any age. However, small children will require adult help.

  • Add more potatoes (with pennies and galvanized nails in them) to increase your voltage, by attaching the potatoes to each other with copper wires (see video).
  • Try boiling or cooking the potato first to see if this increases the output or voltage.
  • Try the experiment with a lemon or an orange.

Sources: Youtube

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