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5 Ways To Travel Without Leaving Your House

Most of the countries around the world are now having their travel restriction enacted. It must be hard for those who miss traveling and can’t do anything about it. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people will not be flying easily from country to country in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. For those who missing traveling but can’t go far, we have listed 5 ways for you to travel without leaving home.

1. Try Destination Decor Ideas To Decorate Your House

One way to make you feel like you are traveling is by making the place that you are at, look like a different place. For example, if you have a batik wooden fans in the closet, now you can hang them on the walls as decorations. Add Various destination-inspired design elements to your room by choosing your favorite destination.

2. Watch films And Videos Of Your Favorite Destination Country

Watch films and videos that feature your destinations would totally bring you the vibe that you wanted. If you feel like going Jogja, you can watch ‘What’ sUp with Love 2′ or ‘Street Food: Asia’s episodes’ about Mbah Satinem and Jajan Pasar. Watch ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ if you ever craving Balinese touch.

3. Recreate The Traditional Recipes Of Your Favorite Destination Country

Foods are the ones that make your journey become memorable whenever you visit a country or any places. It is recommended for you to look it up on the internet for your favorite meal recipes. This would totally make you feel like you have arrived at your desired destination.

4. Reconnect With Your Travel Buddies

Whenever we travel, it’s not just about seeing new places, it’s also about making new friends around the world. We might meet them on the flights, in the hotels, or maybe at the tourist sites, you visit. Reconnect with them will make everyone feel better where they can share their experiences while having the pandemic.

5. Reminisce Your Travel Memories

This is the part when you look back at those sweet travel memories. Pictures and videos you have taken while having fun on your previous holidays will take you back in time so you can cherish those wonderful moments.

Source: Wonderful Indonesia

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