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(Video) ‘Why Should We Hire You?’, Tackle The Question With These 4 Answers!

One of the trickiest questions during an interview session is when the interviewer asked why they should hire you. Like it or not, you cannot escape this trick question unless you are lucky enough that they left this question out. This question can be either get you to the job you want or it can make you wave goodbye.

Often interviewees respond to these questions with ‘you can hire me because I am smart, qualified and I want this job’. The interviewer doesn’t need you to boast of your qualities because you have already started your qualification in your resume. They want to hear something else or your character and abilities that make you fit for the position.

Here are 4 ways you can respond to this trick question during an interview.

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  1. You can hire me because I am a very fast learner- This means that you will be able to join the team and get hold of everything that is being taught in a very short time.
  2. You can hire me because I have an amazing track record of achievements- This means you’ll be able to contribute to the organization by giving them a good reputation.
  3. You can hire me because I always put the need of my team first- This means you are a supportive co-worker and someone who play a good role in the team
  4. You can hire me because I am somebody who embraces changes- This shows that you’re adaptive to changes. No matter good or bad, you adapt to the situation positively.

Don’t panic when you hear this question. Stay calm and speak with confidence. Using these 4 incredible reasons, I guarantee you can win over your interviewer just like that!

Sources: TikTok Career Vidz

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