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Did You Know Sleeping In A Car Is Very Dangerous? But What Is The Reason?

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For those who have a long journey on the highway, there is no doubt that you really need enough rest. This is to prevent accidents due to falling asleep while driving.

If seen, there are only drivers who stop briefly in the Rest and Service (R & R) area to sleep before continuing the journey.

However, did you know that sleeping in a vehicle with the engine still running can cause carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and even threaten our lives?

According to a statement from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on Facebook, there are several reasons why carbon monoxide can kill. Here are the reasons:

  • When the engine is turned on for a long time, gas leaks can occur from the exhaust and into the passenger cabin.
  • Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so you will never realize you are inhaling the gas.
  • CO gas will reduce the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to cells in the human body, causing organ damage.
  • High concentrations of CO gas in the blood can cause a person to die.

NIOSH also states that lowering the windshield is not an appropriate course of action to prevent gas poisoning. It is best to get out of the vehicle and relax in a place that has good, safe, and fresh air.

Source: NIOSH

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