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World Suicide Prevention Day, Here are 5 Tips to Manage Your Anxiety

Every year on this date, 10 September is set as the World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), WSPD is organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention to raise awareness of the world that suicide can be prevented.

Anxiety disorder can be a symptom that can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. To prevent worst-case happen, your anxiety needs immediate treatment. Try these five tips into your daily life to calm your anxiety.

1. Look for triggers. 

Whenever you are feeling anxious, try to write them down. Find the times and places that can trigger your anxiety. Knowing the trigger can help you to find ways to avoid or confront your feelings. You’ll be more prepared when the feeling affects you.

2. Help out in your community. 

Going for volunteering or helping out in the community can get the anxiety out of your head. You’ll feel better by spending time for others as the community can also be a support system for you too.

3. Be the boss of your thoughts. 

Don’t let the negative thoughts to control you. Turn them into positive thoughts. You will feel easier to deal with anxiety when your mind is full of positivity.

4. Schedule your worry time. 

Pick a time for your “worry session” every day to find what makes you anxious. Identify what is bothering you and find the solution for each fear. Knowing what to do about your fears can help you to handle them.

5. Breathe deep.

Breathing deeply helps your body and mind to relax. It will send a message to your brain that you are okay and in good condition. Take a slow breath in and slowly let it out. You will a lot more calmer after doing this.

Sources: WHO, Web MD

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