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Movie Review: Boost Your Patriotism With These 5 Merdeka Malaysian Movies!

While we are all from different races and religions, Malaysia is the one constant that is close to our hearts. With lockdowns still in place nowadays, why not spend this year’s Merdeka Day on the 31st of August watching all the Merdeka Malaysian movies instead. You can enjoy all of these patriotic movies in the comfort of your own home.

These movies will surely take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as they showcase different aspects of our society, both before and also after independence. This particular list of the iconic Merdeka Malaysian movies is worth watching that tackle historic events and important yet relatable issues. These are 5 of the recommended movies.

1) Pulang (2018)

Kabir Bhatia, the renowned Mumbai-born director, tugs at heartstrings with this two-hour epic that traverses continents as well as time periods. With scenes that go back and forth between different points in the timeline, Pulang will keep you hooked trying to piece together the events that transpired. This is one of the best Malaysian movies that will bring tears to your eyes.

2) Ola Bola (2016)

Ola Bola is a 2016 Malaysian sports football film directed by Chiu Keng Guan. The film was inspired by the glories of the Malaysia national football team which successfully entered the 1980 Summer Olympics. The film was released in Malaysian cinemas on 28 January 2016. As of November 2019, Ola Bola has currently ranked the tenth-highest grossing Malaysian film of all time.

3) PASKAL: The Movie (2018)

PASKAL: The Movie is a 2018 Malaysian military action film directed by Adrian Teh and produced by Asia Tropical Films and Golden Screen Cinemas. It stars Hairul Azreen, Jasmine Suraya Chin, and Tiger Chen Hu. It was inspired by the elite Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)/ Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) force named PASKAL (Pasukan Khas Laut). With a budget of RM10 million, PASKAL: The Movie is the most expensive Malaysian film ever made.

4) Geran (2019)

Geran is about a reckless gambler’s wild lifestyle of betting, drag racing, and street fights pit him against a ruthless criminal enterprise. When the gang shows up at his father’s home to collect on a debt, his family must fight to save their land and his life.

5) Sepet (2004)

Sepet is a 2004 Malaysian teen romantic comedy-drama film set in Ipoh, Malaysia. Directed by Yasmin Ahmad, it tells a tale of a love that blooms between a Chinese boy and a Malay girl. Sepet is a Malay word which, in this context, refers to the ‘slit eyes’ of the Chinese.

Sources: Pulang, Ola Bola, Paskal, Geran, Sepet.

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