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The NEW KFC Spicy Smoky Crunch Is Finger Smokin’ Good!


The KFC signature hand-breaded, freshly prepared, and deliciously crunchy Hot & Spicy fried chicken gets a smoky transformation with our newest smokin’ hot menu innovation, KFC Spicy Smoky Crunch!  

Inspired by espetadas – a traditional dish in Portuguese cuisine that boasts intriguingly perfect smoky tastes,  the new KFC Spicy Smoky Crunch offers the Portuguese smokiness flavor in amped-up heat, but with a  finger-lickin’ crunchy goodness! 

The combination of Portuguese prized aromatics and spices such as smoked paprika, red bell pepper,  garlic, black pepper, and tomato powder, combined with our one-of-a-kind Hot & Spicy flavor creates a  memorable and elevated dining experience, in every crunch-full bite! 

For the full tasting experience, try our brand new dessert – KFC Banana Chocolate Ball. The sweetness of real banana with chocolate fillings incrusted in chewy glutinous skin then coated with golden crispy breadcrumbs; makes for a great palate cleanser after a smokey and spicy meal.  


“Being one of the most loved brands in Malaysia, we always strive to ensure the best tasting fried chicken through our innovative limited-time offers. This time, you’re in for a finger smokin’ good experience with our latest KFC Spicy Smoky Crunch which comes in several value combo options that’ll surely satisfy,” said  Chan May Ling, Chief Marketing Officer. 

Prepare yourself for a smokin’ hot date as the Spicy Smoky Crunch and Banana Chocolate Ball is officially available at all stores nationwide tomorrow. Spicy Smoky Crunch starts from RM17.49  and comes in the following options: (1) 2-pcs Combo, (2) 3-pcs Combo, and (3) Box Meal. Meanwhile, you can get a 5-pcs Banana Chocolate Ball à la carte or a 6-pcs, 10-pcs, or 12-pcs Wow Bucket Combo. 

Get them in-store, drive-thru, Delivery, and Self Collect. Go to or download the KFC App to order. 

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