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3 Things Humans Aren’t Supposed To See: Is It Real or a Hoax?

Pictures: TikTok @globalthoughtsnow

Is it real or another hoax? Sometimes, there are many things that humans aren’t supposed to see. It’s considered one of nature’s secrets, and it’s better to leave them behind closed doors.

However, there are lucky folks out there who witnessed some mystically spooky happenings and managed to catch them on camera.

Yet, the question is, do you think it really happened?

A TikTok user @globalthoughtsnow shared a video that might make you wonder, “is this true?”


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Snow in the middle of the ocean

Is it possible to see snow in the middle of the ocean? The answer is yes, it is!

The phenomenon captured in the video is actually known as marine snow.

According to National Ocean Service, marine snow is a shower of organic material falling from upper waters to the deep ocean. It’s when biological debris falls from higher in the water column by plants and animals near the surface that have died and decayed.

Additionally, other components of marine snow include faecal matter, sand, soot and inorganic dust.

Why do they call it marine snow? It’s because the fallen debris is similar to snowflakes. What’s more interesting about marine snow is these white fluffy bits grow as they fall, and some reach several centimetres in diameter. Some fall for weeks before it lands on the ocean floor.

Rain falling in one place


Picture: Maritime Herald

Many speculations about this phenomenon arose when it happened in Ghana several years ago.

Some deduced that this was ‘incredible’, and others also said, “Our God is the God of rain.”

Although this clip went viral on many social platforms from 2016 until today, there’s still no concrete explanation.

Audiences are divided into two: a) they believed it did rain in one place, or b) the main pipe broke.

So, which side are you leaning on?

The amount of pollen in the fallen tree

What will you do when you see a cloud of pollen released from a big tree? Will you be awed or scared?

Apart from this video making headlines on social media for days, Sheila McCormick, an adjunct plant and microbial biology professor at the University of California, Berkeley, told Live Science, “[The amount of pollen in the fallen tree] is not unusual.”

McCormick added, “Generally, most plants produce much more pollen than is needed. For example, a single corn plant produces 2 to 5 million pollen grains, and an ear of corn has a few hundred seeds. This is especially true for wind-pollinated plants.”

Hence, it’s not unusual for pollen clouds to happen.

A TikTok user shared that they had once seen rain falling in one spot:


Picture: TikTok @globalthoughtsnow

While another commenter wondered if it’s real:


Picture: TikTok @globalthoughtsnow

And someone also expressed their fear by saying, “snow in the ocean is strangely spooky”:


Picture: TikTok @globalthoughtsnow

So, if you’ve ever seen something as mysterious as this, would you believe it or don’t?

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