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Bitten By A ‘Helga’? Follow These Precautions After Getting Snake Bite

Pictures: Boy Scouts, Roaring Earth

A snake is probably one of the most feared animals in the world. These vicious reptiles are sneaky and fast. Therefore, they often take their prey off-guard. Sometimes, they roam the highway roads or slip into our houses. What we can say is a snake might be a Mission Impossible accomplice. 


Picture: BBC

However, some people adopt them as pets. Like that one snake named Helga… but… let’s not go there.

Anyway, to snake owners or anyone who encounters the animal, there’s a possibility for you to be bitten by them. Therefore, what steps can be taken if it bites you? Dr Samhan is at our service! 

Snake bites? Here’s what you can do

1) Search for immediate help.

2) Clean the wound and apply pressure when dressing it.

3) Limit your movements.

4) Board the ambulance immediately and get antitetanus and antivenom.

Avoid doing these:

1) Don’t suck the venom.

2) Let the blood flow.

3) Let the affected area be below your chest.

  • For example, if the snake bites your leg, put it on a pillow.

4) Avoid giving painkillers like aspirin or traditional medicines.

Not all bites are harmful

Everyone: not all snakes are dangerous and harmful. There are some venomous and non-venomous ones. 

Yet, this isn’t a sign for you to unconsciously approach the animal. The best we can do is to avoid them when eye contact is made!

Sources: Twitter Dr Samhan, CDC, National Park Service

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