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‘Chonky’ Cat Becomes The Top Tourist Attraction In Szczecin, Poland

Picture: Zielona INTERIA

Never thought that an animal could be a popular tourist spot! In Szczecin, Poland, a chonky cat named Gacek becomes an icon as many tourists left almost a perfect five stars review on Google Review. There are up to 2,500 reviews from tourists, according to Mirror UK.

Gacek lives in Kaszubska Street and attracts the attention and affection of animal lovers, especially cat lovers. The cat’s fame rose after a local news outlet, wSzczecinie, featured him in a video in 2020.

Many people take an adventure to Szczecin just to meet the chonky cat. One person even revealed that he made a 1,000km trip from Oslo to meet the icon.

He said, “As expected, he [Gacek] didn’t pay any attention to me, which made the experience fully wholesome.”


Picture: Notes From Poland

The feline is a street cat, but he does have an owner that takes care of him. Interestingly, Gacek lives in a box near the street. Although tourists are always welcome to pose for pictures with the cat, they are reminded not to feed him. The consequence of excessive love from tourists before has made Gacek becomes obese.

Of course, we love ’round’ animals, but the cat’s health must be a number one priority.

Source: Mirror UK

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