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No Need To Feel Single This Valentine’s Day, Do This Instead!

Pictures: TikTok Qishi, Imgflip

Do you ever look at couples and wonder when it’s your turn? For everyone single, please don’t be sad! It doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive or anything. Your Mr or Mrs Right will arrive when the time is right. Don’t be discouraged or give so little credit to yourself. You are worth more than that.

However, we agree that some might feel exceptionally ‘lonely’ during Valentine’s Day. Every lovebird is having fun, going on dates and surprising each other with gifts like chocolates, flowers or balloons. Those are romantic gestures we often see in K-dramas. And when it happens in front of us, the singles, we can’t help but feel a bit annoyed. Can’t they respect the single community for once?

Yet, this video might cheer you up. It can even inspire you to practice self-love today and every day! This is the kind of content and positivity we want to see on our timeline.


Self love is no 1 for me and since it’s HARAM to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a muslim, I decided to make it as self love day for myself 💓 I made gulai ketam indian version for the first time and ya allah sedap gila!! #vlogs #fypdongggggggg #groceryhaul #fypage #tiktokmalaysia #adayinthelife #cooking #cookinghacks

♬ suara asli – Penyair Emosian – Penyair Emosian

The uploader, Qishi, spends this love-filled day by grocery-shopping! That’s one of the most fun activities for many women out there.

It looks like she’s preparing a special meal for herself, an Indian version of gulai ketam. Looking at her cooking this dish makes us salivate. Gulai ketam paired with steaming rice, wow! One of the best combinations in the world!

As Qishi said, Valentine’s Day is prohibited for Muslims due to its Pagan root. Therefore, a way to celebrate this holiday Muslim-style is by loving yourself and your family. One of them is by cooking special meals and sharing them with others. Who wouldn’t love you if you could cook something delicious?


Not only that, but you can do something else by being nice to people or helping them with a task. The sweetness of being loved is undeniable, but loving others give you a sense of fullness.

We appreciate what Qishi advocates: self-love. We hope you know your worth and love yourself more!

(Or if you want to do something to fill that loneliness, read here.)

Source: TikTok Qishi

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