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Saudi Arabia Is Building A Cube-Shaped Skyscraper Called The Mukaab For Downtown Project

Picture: The National

The government of Saudi Arabia has announced the plan of building a cube-shaped skyscraper in Riyadh. The building is part of its Murabba downtown plan and is named the Mukaab. The Mukaab skyscraper is a 400-metre-high, and 400 metre long on each side.

The 19-square-kilometer development, the New Murabba, is set to accommodate thousands of residents. The new face of Riyadh will be the largest structure in the world. Interestingly, the project is large enough to hold 20 Empire State Buildings. It will be situated in the North West of Riyadh on the intersection of King Salman and King Khalid roads.


Picture: ME Construction News

Citing from Hotelier, the development will “offer 25 million sq m of floor area, featuring more than 104,000 residential units. Then, there will be 9,000 hotel rooms and more than 980,000 sq m of retail space. Furthermore, 1.4 million sq m of office space will be offered, 620,000 sq m of leisure assets, and 1.8 million sq m of space dedicated to community facilities.”

Not just that, but there will be more than 80 entertainment and culture venues, aside from a museum, a tech and design university, and a theatre.

The project is announced by Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman, also the chairman of the New Murabba Development Company.

Source: Hotelier, dezeen

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