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TMIs You Have To Know About Malaysia’s Belting Queen, Ernie Zakri

Ernie Zakri
Pictures: Spotify, Pinterest, NicePNG

Ernie Zakri has been in the industry for so long. However, her shine was discovered and appreciated only after winning Best Vocal in the 32nd Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) through the song Aku Cinta with her now-husband, Syamel.

Ernie Zakri

Picture: Instagram Ernie Zakri

Despite not getting any awards for last night’s 37th AJL, it doesn’t reduce the fact that Ernie is this generation’s best vocalist. Her powerful vocals are acknowledged by Malaysia’s number-one singer, Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza. And if that doesn’t give you an overview of how talented she is, we don’t know what else to say.

She also deserves to be in the spotlight. So, let’s know a bit more about this belting queen, Ernie Zakri!

All the TMIs about Ernie Zakri

1) She’s the nephew of singers Ziana and Anuar Zain!

If you’re wondering where Ernie gets her talents from, it might be because she’s the nephew of legendary singers Ziana and Anuar Zain!

Did you know? Ernie’s mother, Rafiaah Mohamed, is a cousin of Ziana and Anuar Zain. They share quite a close bond, and we love to see a family of talented stars in the music industry!

Not only that, but her father, Zakri Ahmad, is a drum player for the group Kilat. Ernie surely comes from a colourful, musical family!

2) A music degree holder from UiTM and UM

Knowledge is key, and Ernie solidifies her already-natural talent by enrolling in two of Malaysia’s best institutions, UiTM and UM. She has a degree in music, which indicates the depth and understanding reflected in her songs. Now, that’s what we call beauty with brains and talent!

3) Winner of Bintang RTM 2009

Bintang RTM is one of the platforms that produced many astounding singers. You might know that Datuk Seri Nurhaliza also started to sparkle on this very stage!

Ernie was only 17 at that time, but her drive to be a singer navigated her to participate in the competition. Luck was on her side, and she won first place!

Afterwards, she released her first album, Sinaran, in 2011 with songs like Mahu Ingin Bercinta and Rindu Bukan Teman. However, the spotlight wasn’t on her at that time. Not many knew about her existence in the competitive industry.

4) A vocal coach for many Malaysian artists

The wife of AF-born singer Syamel is also a vocal coach for many Malaysian singers! Some of her students are the Bola-bola Api singer Siti Nordiana, the late Siti Sarah, Azza Elite and AF star Amira Othman. Her professionalism and skills are the reasons many singers want to learn a thing or two from her!

5) Malaysia’s Ariana Grande

With her lyrical soprano voice, Ernie earns the title ‘belting queen’ by many professionals. Her voice range is from D3 – C6 – F6 – C#7. Interestingly, Ernie can sustain higher register notes like F3 – F5 – C#6. If you want to know how high her voice can get, try pressing these keys on the piano. Yes. Wow indeed.

Additionally, Ernie is one of the masters of high notes. She can easily mesh C#6 – C6 – E6 (head voice) with F5 – A5 (heady mix) in many of her songs. Some examples are as follows:

C#6 (Headvoice) – Ku Bersuara (from AJL 34)

F5 (Heady Voice) – Gundah (from AJL 35)

If this is how heaven sounds like, we would want Ernie to serenade us all day.

Ernie’s achievements throughout her singing career

This trivia won’t be completed without listing Boneka‘s singer.

2018: AJL 32 Best Vocal – (Aku Cinta with Syamel)
2019: Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 32 – Popular Duo/Group (Ernie and Syamel)
2021: AJL 35 Best Vocal – (Gundah)
2022: Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 23 – Best Vocal Performance In a Song [Female] (Sinar Mata Hati)
Best Song – (Goodbye Hello with Syamel)

She’s a star that will shine in the sky for a long time. We root for you, Ernie!

Sources:, Sayaiday, Youtube HaaaLaBerat, TV3MALAYSIA Official

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