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Do Not Get Fooled, These Are 5 Myths That Exist About iPhone Chargers

Apple product is one of the most well known product on Earth nowadays. Many people would prefer to own apple product such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook and many other things for their modern lifestyle. The most important thing to own besides all their gadget would be the chargers because they usually used the original one to charge all the mentioned Apple Products. There are certain myths about iPhone chargers that have been circling around that should never be trusted just to make your Apple products safe and also last longer to be used by you.

These are 5 myths about iPhone chargers:

1) Do Not Use Your Phone While Charging

This myth about cannot using phone while charging actually came from one isolated shocking incident in which an iPhone user’s device exploded when the user used the device when it was charging. Actually, the truth is that the user was using a knockoff charger. That is the ultimate reason why it caused the damage to the phone in the first place. The act of charging and using a phone at the same time is not inherently dangerous and will not cause an explosion.

2) You Can’t Use An iPad Charger On An iPhone

For the matter of fact, people can actually charge an iPhone 6 with half the time when you are using the 12-watt iPad charger. This saves so much time compared than when you are using only the five-watt charger that comes exactly with the exact phone that you bought.

3) Using A Non-Apple Charger Is Dangerous

Actually, when people say that it is dangerous when you are using a non-Apple brand cell phone cables to charge your iPhone is something that is only half true. This is because, you can always use the whatever cable you have as long as the charger is from a trusted company and also is labeled “Made for iPhone/iPad”. The most important thing to remember is you definitely cannot use the cheap knockoff cables and also chargers as it is often times these kind of products that are less expensive due to a lack of safety mechanisms in the internal circuitry system.

4) Do Not Charge Your Phone Overnight

This is another fact that is always being reminded towards many people. The truth is, this behavior of charging your devices overnight would definitely does not damage the devices at all. This is because, all your devices are indeed smart enough to stop taking in energy from the power source once it is fully charged. Your phone also can remain plugged in even when it is no longer receiving a charge. No harm can be caused by that.

5) You Never Need to Turn Off Your iPhone

This is also a definitely facts that is not true. Most of us never turn off our phones because it is such a tedious work to keep turning it off most of the times and having to wait for it when we have to turn it on once again when we want to use it. In addition, this action of constantly turning off your iPhone also isn’t helping your phone’s battery at all.

Sources: Cable Wholesale.

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