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(Video) What’s His Secret? Amir Khan’s Life Changing Diet Plan!

Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is a Bollywood actor, singer, director, filmmaker, and TV talk show host from India. Khan has established himself as one of the most prominent and important performers in Indian cinema during the course of his 30-year career in Hindi films.

If you pay close attention, you will notice that the size of his body varies in the movies he acted in. From being bulky to muscular, Khan applied a simple diet plan which only took 9 months to transform himself. Hard to believe, but it actually worked!

Here are some of his secrets:

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♬ Bollywood Dance Bangla India – gooooodee_jay

#1- Khan does not take carbohydrates after 8 pm

#2- He eats 6 meals a day in a small portion

#3- Keen in eating chapatti

#4-Khan consumes apple and banana before his workout session

#5- He avoids dairy products

#6- Drinks plenty of water every day

#7-Always eat fruits and vegetables as snacks

#8- For dinner, Khan eats Tandoori chicken with 4 eggs

#9- Khan prefers consuming food that is cooked with only 3 spoons of olive oil

Sources: TikTok Syima Affandi

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