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Man Becomes A Hero After Rescuing Stranded Cat From Hurricane

Picture: Twitter

A man just becomes a hero after rescuing a stranded from Hurricane Ian surge. He has committed a heroic act by rescuing a cat from the raging floodwaters.

The rescue video immediately went viral on Twitter, gaining over 3.5 million views. Using his newfound internet popularity, he is collecting donations to restore his demolished home, with half of the money going to the local humane society to help even more animals in need. This is what we can call a hero.

Mike Ross, 29 told The Washington Post that as Hurricane Ian reached Florida with 250 km/h winds and major flooding, he was forced to leave his home.

The Category 4 hurricane left Ross’ home flooded, so he opted to ride out the storm at his parents’ hurricane-resistance property. Ross also told The Washington Post that “the storm surge had rushed up quite a bit at that point,”.

The video shows Ross struggling as he approached the cat because of the strong current. He then climbed up the side of the air-conditioner and picked up the frightened cat in his arms. Once in his arms, the cat clung to his chest as he transported it to safety.

You can watch the heartwarming video below:

Ross also said that he’s planning to adopt the cat as his own. But, it’s only if he can’t find its owner. For now, Ross named his cat Ian, after the storm that has hit their place.

Sources: The Washington Post, Global News


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