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Avoid These ‘Don’ts’ To Have Better Sleep Hygiene

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We’ve asked many people what’s their favourite activity, and most of them answered: sleep. Honestly, we look forward to being on our beds and sleeping through the night too. After a tiring day at work, our bodies and minds require that dose of rest.

However, there is some etiquette before going to bed. There are do’s and don’ts before sleeping, and this is called sleep hygiene. True to its name, you need a ‘clean’ sleeping routine to get quality rest at night.

Dr Muhaimin (@drmuhaimin) shared a useful thread that can help you analyse your routines before sleep.

Sleep hygiene: all the don’ts

1) Don’t go to bed if you aren’t sleepy

According to Dr Muhaimin, the bed is designated for you to sleep. Therefore, only go to bed when you’re sleepy. Why? It’s because your mind should only associate bed with sleep.

The brain is the body’s controller. So, if you train yourself to only sleep on the bed when sleepy, your body will accustom to that order.


Picture: Physicians Alliance of Connecticut

2) Don’t do stimulating activities


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Before going to bed, you shouldn’t do stimulating activities like watching TV, scrolling through social media or reading in bed.

3) Don’t read an e-book or browse on a laptop or phone


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These devices emit blue light. Blue light suppresses melatonin production, which is a sleep-promoting hormone. It’ll disrupt your sleep, thus, making it hard to have a shut-eye.

4) Don’t use your phone too much


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Did you know? Excessive use of the phone during the day can lead to insomnia. This device is a psychological cue that keeps you awake. The notifications and new statuses on social media platforms somehow stimulate your brain not to be FOMO of them.

5) Don’t skip your usual routine

Everyone has their routine in a day. But when you stray from your normal schedule, you catch your body and mind off-guard. Thus, this interrupts your circadian rhythm. Hence, keep your regular schedule in check.

6) Don’t take naps after 3 pm

Dr Muhaimin advised not to take a nap during the daytime. It will disrupt the inner circadian rhythm and worsens insomnia. It’s advisable to take a nap before 3 pm.

In Islam, the Qailulah (the best time to sleep during the day) is between 11 am to 2 pm.

7) Don’t sleep for more than 20 minutes

Have you ever heard of a power nap? Spend less than 20 minutes of sleep to improve alertness, or practice the optimum duration of 10 minutes. You’ll wake up energised and ready to start your work again.

8) Don’t consume caffeine, alcohol and nicotine


Picture: HuffPost UK

Try avoiding caffeine, alcohol and nicotine four hours before bedtime. Good sleep hygiene is avoiding them at least six hours before bed.

9) Don’t sleep in a bright room


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Light inhibits the release of melatonin. It’ll make your brain stay awake. Therefore, reduce the brightness or sleep in the dark to rest better. Or you can try using eye pads when sleeping.

If you have problems sleeping at night, or the more famous term, insomnia, track your routine before sleeping. If they belong to these don’ts, try changing them step by step.

Source: Twitter Dr Muhaimin

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