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Luxury Superyacht With Swan-Shaped Concept on Sale at $500 million

We always have a dream to own a luxurious yacht. A luxury superyacht usually resembles a lot like a smaller version of a cruise. It is certainly another level of leisure to spend your leisure time on the superyacht.

Lazzarini, an Italian designer revealed concept images for the latest superyacht. The swan-shaped yacht has a 137-meter feature and will be on sale for $500 million.

The yacht comes with a sleek “neck” feature and it can descend into the water. The tower head can be detached from its body and transforms into an auxiliary 50-foot boat for short trips. The tower head also acts as the control tower.

The yacht was given the name of Avanguardia which means vanguard in English. Lazzarini designed the yacht with an attractive layered design on its body to resemble a swan’s wings and feathers. It is the first-of-its-kind yacht that has been designed to resemble a swan.

This luxurious yacht can accommodate up to 60 passengers, 24 guests, and 22 staff and crews. Avanguardia also comes with two onboard hangars that can store two helicopters.

The design of the yacht was inspired by the 1970s Japanese manga, said a spokeswoman of Lazzarini. She added that the yacht comes with a Rolls-Royce jet engine which means that it can reach 18 knots. It is capable of storing cars which makes it an ideal yacht for cross-continent travelers.


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