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Looking For A Way To Be Excellent In Customer Service? Follow These Tips

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As a customer who buys a product, you will always get excited to try it, to make sure that the product meets your expectation. Somehow, sometimes, you may be struggling with the product. But there is no need to worry about that. Customer service is always there for you, or are they…?

It has been a long-time problem with customer service. We often hear people saying that the service does not help them at all. In fact, customers’ time is even more wasted, trying to seek help from customer service.

Therefore, how could we change this? How can customer service be better, and benefit their customers?

These tips might help:

10 tips to deliver a great customer service

1) Know the product

  • People who work in customer service are those people who should know about their product.
  • Once you know your product, only then you can help the customers by implying the perfect service skills.
  • If you do not know the product, how can you expect customers to be satisfied with your service?

2) Maintain a positive attitude

  • Ever heard of ‘customer is always right?’ Well, not really. Sometimes, customers can be wrong.
  • Nevertheless, that does not mean you can do your work half-heartedly.
  • The right attitude from you may change the attitude of the customers.
  • Use well-behaved sentences, and speak nicely.

3) Be a problem-solver

  • There is always a solution to every problem.
  • The only way to find a solution is to think.
  • Thus, use your creativity to solve the customers’ problems until they are satisfied.

4) Respond quickly

  • Sometimes, when customers contact customer service by phone, they will take a long time to pick up.
  • It is even worse in emails.
  • Therefore, to not let your customers lose their belief in your product, you should act as if you care.
  • Do not waste their time.

5) Personalize your service

  • Customers want to interact with a person, and not a robot.
  • Change the way you work with customers.
  • Sometimes, customers are angry because customer service just agrees with their problems, but does not do anything about them.

6) Help customers help themselves

  • Customers do not need you to solve the problems all alone.
  • They just need a guide from you to help them help themselves.
  • You are the guide. Therefore, it is your job to help them one by one.

7) Focus support on the customers

  • It is time for you to get to know your customers.
  • Treat them as a person, so that they can be loyal to your product.

8) Listen

  • Listen to your customers’ problems,
  • Do not assume anything, and do not cut them off while they are talking.
  • If you are unsure if you understand the problems, use, “Do you mean…,” “I want to make sure if I get this right…”

9) Keep your word

  • Once you have promised them something, you better make sure you will grant it.
  • Do not let their hopes high, and let them down. 

10) Be helpful

  • Customers will know if you are sincere in helping them.
  • Thus, if you are, they will keep coming back to you.

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Source: Help Scout

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